Update: The class reunion was held  on  September 8, 2007 and was the most sucessfull reunion yet.  We had over 280 people in attendance from the four classes.  The atmosphere was great and a good time was had by all.    The newly remodeled Country Club looked better than most would expect.  Dan Arthurs is to be complimented on his great contribution to the city of Cherryville.  Very special guests were able to join the reunion, Coach Bill Hinson and his wife, and also Larry Johnson (math teacher & asst. coach) and his wife.  Bill Hinson spoke to the audience and said that the six years that he lived in Cherryville were some of his most memorable years of his life.  Students that were coached by Mr. Hinson were asked to stand and a large number of his players were on hand.  The Band (The Beachnuts) was mainly made up from members of the classes of 69,70,71,72.  Some of the members and classmates were Rodney Bridges (drummer), Billy Cooke (keyboard), Curt "Pee Dab" Dellinger (bass), Randy Howell (sax), Gary Howell (rhythm guitar), and Stan Allen on lead guitar.  Other members of the band we want to thank were Phil Davis, Gaylord Bralley, Wade Stroupe, and Cindy Stroupe who were a fantastic vocal group.

Many thanks to the committee members that have worked so hard to put on such a wonderful outing. Special thanks go to Carolyn Black Cooke, Debra Carpenter Hord and Reggie Beam for their leadership in bringing everything together.

Thanks to Rodney Bridges, Billy Cooke and Stan Allen for getting the entertainment  together.  The entertainment was beyond compare.  It has been a pleasure to be a part of such a great group of people.

Thanks to Dessa Hampton Millwood for getting the special gifts that were raffled off and given to special guests.


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