Cherryville Police Department

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Cherryville Police Department
704 E. Church St.
Cherryville, NC 28021
Phone: 704-435-1717
Fax: 704-435-1716

911 for an emergency

  • Chief Woody Burgess
  • Lt.   Todd Shipman
  • Lt.   Gary Gold
  • Sgt.  Paul King
  • Sgt.  Pete Hamrick
  • Sgt.  Kenny Stewart
  • Sgt.   Jason Green K9 unit
  • SPO. Mark Stout
  • Ptl.   Thomas Sperling
  • Ptl.   Jason Floyd
  • Plt.   Cam Jenks
  • Plt.   Shane Calaway
  • Plt.   Frankie Dellinger
  • Plt.   Wesley Bennett
  • Reserve Mark Mauney
  • Reserve Bryan Ledford
  • Reserve Pat Barnett
  • Reserve Chad Bingham
  • Dispatcher Jon Mark Rudisill
  • Dispatcher Kim Dellinger
  • Dispatcher Erin McDougald
  • Dispatcher George Woollums

Mission Statement
The mission of the Cherryville Police Department shall be to provide a safe environment in which residents and non residents can live and work. This mission shall be accomplished by the prompt but fair enforcement of local and state laws.

The Cherryville Police Department is a full service department offering 24 hour protection for the citizens of Cherryville. Our department is made up of the following units:

Chief of Police


Criminal Investigation
One investigator, handles all major crimes and other crimes assigned. Works closely with the Patrol Division on all cases if needed.

Patrol Division
Four Patrol Teams consisting of I Sergeant, I Senior Police Officer (SPO) and I Patrolman on each team. K-9 Unit consisting of I officer and I K-9 (KENO)

Bicycle Patrol Officers, 2 certified specially trained officers that work as regular patrol officers, but also ride bikes on patrol and for special events.

Our department has twelve patrol cars of which nine are individually assigned vehicles. The vehicles are all fully equipped with emergency equipment.

The employees of the Cherryville Police Department strive to be "THE BEST THAT THEY CAN BE" and to serve the citizens of Cherryville to the best of their abilities.

For further information concerning the Cherryville Police Department, please contact Chief Woody Burgess at Phone (704) 435-1717 of FAX (704) 435-1716.