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Historical Sketch of Rudisill Chapel AME Zion Church


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According to the most reliable sources we have found, the first Rudisill Chapel Church was completed about 1896. A few men and women of the community chose Calvin Rudisill as their leader. He along with Mary Rudisill, Rufus Rudisill, Jerry Summit, Laura Summit Ingram and Robert W. Young formed a committee and decided to build a church. Motivated by a strong desire for a place of worship, these faithful few worked hard, and had their dream become a reality when the church was completed in 1896, and was named Rudisill Chapel in honor of their leader, Calvin Rudisill.

As the years passed, the membership increased. The first cornerstone was laid in 1901 by the late Rev. J. J. Hunter. In 1918 it was necessary to add a wing to the existing structure. A second cornerstone was laid on July 26,1918 by the late Rev. M. B. Barnett.

After about 20 years the old building began to deteriorate. The members decided to build a new one. Another younger group of men led by Claude Dixon, Walter Bess, and others tore the old building down and built a new one.

In 1963, the present membership decided to build still another church. The present structure was completed in 1964, under the leadership of Rev. E. E. Little. On Dec. 22, 1973 under the leadership of our present pastor Rev. Victor L. Carson we realized still another dream. The culmination of the drive to liquidate the debt on the church.

Some past ministers of special recognition are: Rev. E. E. Little, Rev. S. T. Cooke, Rev. J. P. Armstrong, Rev. Neal, Rev. E. K. Watkins, Rev. Lipsy, and many others.