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In our search for additional information about the City of Cherryville the History Committee was constantly amazed at the great number of people from all walks of life whose faith, foresight, hard work and perseverance made this small town a great place to live and work.

It was not "experts" from outside the community who came in to plan and develop the town. It was local people who saw the needs for homes, churches, schools, businesses and industries. It was local citizens who had the foresight, the ingenuity, And the drive to endure the struggles to meet those needs. It was local folk who built the schools and churches to enhance their way of life. It was local employers who ran their plants with the best interests of their employees at heart; it was local workers who took pride in their work and gave "an honest day's work for an honest day's pay". Local administrations worked for the good of the citizens.

It took all those people to build this town. It is to those people that this section is dedicated. The articles found here come from various sources. They are varied and comprehensive. Some give historical data. Others cover current information about the city. All bear wit ness to the spirit of the people of Cherryville.

The History Committee hopes that the reader will gain a greater insight into the evolvement of all phases of life in our town. We hope that everyone will come to a greater appreciation of those who have contributed, and those who are now contributing, to make this a community we can be proud of.

History Committee
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