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January 22, 1997

Note burning at Capps Memorial Missionary Methodist Church


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by Rev. Curtis Norris, pastor

capps.jpg (9591 bytes)In November of 1978, the Capps Memorial Missionary Methodist Church had a ground breaking ceremony for a new church facility. The church had grown in number and had made upgrades and enlargernents to the old structure to accommodate the needs of the congregation. When the attempt was made to bring the church up to code, the cost was so expensive that the decision was made to build a new one.

The grading and construction began, and the structure was completed in the spring of 1979. The total project was approximately $ 170.000, which included about $12,000 for the land and $5,000 for upgrading. The total note on the church itself was $154,000, and $24,000 was paid down. Therefore, the total note was $13,000.

At the time the church was built, the stewards were Steve Morgan, Troy, Pruitt, Fred bean, Glenn, Hardin, Rob Hester, Jerry Carroll, and Pete White. The church trustees were Steve Morgan, Jerry Carroll, and Troy Pruitt.

Since the church has been built, some of these men and other church members have passed on to be with Jesus. He want to especially remember ail those who have died but were faithful members of the church. We say a great big thank you to ail of them for their love and support of the church. We would like to emend a band of gratitude to those who are now serving the Lord in other churches Yet were supporters of this assembly in years past.

Let us not forget those who are currently members of the. church and especially those who were there when it was built and still serve faithfully today. The Rev. H.S. Scruggs has been a part of this church since its beginning in 1925, and today he still serves as the assistant pastor. For over 32 years, he served the church as pastor, and we honor him for his dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ. Rev. Scruggs will be speaking in the service on Sunday, January 26 at l 1:00 a.m., and he will also burn the note that shows the ammount of the original loan.

To our current Steward Board - Jimmy Kennerly, Steve Morgan, Lee Knight, Bob Patterson, Marty Lankford, Billy Ray Hovis and Brian Pruett - we say thanks. And a special note of thanks goes to Steve Morgan for his 25 years of dedicated service as treasurer of the church.

Most of all, we say thanks to the one who deserves the credit, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Come share with us in this special ceremony this Sunday at l 1:00 a.m. during the worship service. Many guests have been invited, and we will cap off the celebration with a covered dish dinner in the church fellowship hall following the service.

For more information about Capps Memorial Missionary Methodist Church, please call 435-1963.