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At a meeting of the City Council on November 10, 1909, Councilman J. C. Ballard made a motion that the town purchase from the Nott Fire Engine Co. two 55 gallon two wheel chemical fire engines and one hook and ladder truck. The totat cost was $900, 1/3 in cash, 1/3 in one year, and 1/3 two years from delivery date with no interest. The motion carried. The hook and ladder truck was $200 and the chemical fire engines were $700. All parts for the fire engine were guaranteed for ten years. A. H. Huss served as mayor then.

After a night fire on November 4, 1909 Chief Beam (Police Chief) received $1.50 for extra work.

On February 24, 1910 Mayor A. H. Huss and the City Council appointed Dr. R. J. Morrison and E. E. McDowell as Chief and Assistant Chief respectively, of the fire department. They were instructed to pay those joining the department according to services rendered. Chief R. L. Mauney (1970 - 1984) was the first paid Fire Chief. The first paid employee was Sam Whitesides of Shelby.

In 1921, a new LaFrance truck was purchased. It arrived from New York City in a Seaboard box car. J. E. Costner, Sr. was Fire Chief at this time. This truck made its last call May 18, 1957 to Bryan Hulls in Flay. It is preserved in the Cherryville Historical Museum on Main St.

The fire department was moved to the new City Hall building in 1956.

Some other Fire Chiefs not already mentioned were I. M. Bums, Bob McLurd, Giles Friday, J. Ralph Beam, Sr., Roy Carpenter (volunteer), and Joe Van Dyke.

On July 1, 1986, Jeff Cash was appointed by the City Manager, Janice Hovis, to the position of Fire Chief. During Chief Cash's term as Fire Chief the department has experienced the following:

  • The fire department acquired, from the City of Lincolnton, a 1953 American LaFrance 65 foot Aerial Truck.
  • The fire department purchased a custom Emergency One Pumper in May 1988.
  • In March 1989, the cities Insurance Protection class changed from a class 7 to an improved class 4.
  • In August 1990, Chief Jeffery C. Cash was elected NC Firefighter of the Year by his peers of over 40,000 firefighters across NC.
  • In 1995, Chief Cash was elected by the firefighters of the state of NC to be a member of the Board of Directors for the NC State Firemen's Association.
  • In December 1995, we began a Scholarship Program for the children of firefighters which is given annually in honor of retired Chief Roy Carpenter and in memory of Wayne A. Eaker.
  • Chief Cash served as officer for 3 years on the Western North Carolina Firemen's Association and in 1996 served as President.
  • The fire department formed a Ladies Auxiliary Program in January 1996.
  • In july 1996, the fire department began offering a medical First Responder Program with their paid employees and several volunteers who are certified as an Emergency Medical Technician Level.

  • In July 1997, the fire department will supplement it's First Responder Basic Life Support Program with the Advanced Life Support Program and we will have 11 defibrillation operators.