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Accomplishments of Mayor J. Ralph Beam, Jr. and City Council Members from 1983-1987 and 1991-1995


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Accomplishments - 1983

  • A lectern and city map was placed in the council room for citizens' use.

Accomplishments - 1984

  • A registering system for the elderly and handicapped citizens, in the event of ice storms, so, they could be offered assistance.
  • After repairs, Westgate Park was reopened.
  • A full-time Recreation Director was hired.
  • The first absentee ballot was procured for Cherryville.
  • A new little league team was formed so, all children who wanted to play would be able to, and a sponsor for this team was acquired.
  • Senior Citizens utility discount ordinance was passed to give citizens who qualified a ten-percent off electrical bills.
  • Fluoride placed in city water.
  • The invocation was given by a black minister - a city first.
  • Sidewalks placed throughout city cemetery.
  • Endorsed widening of highway 150 from Cherryville to Lincolnton.
  • Offered citizens the right to vote on a bond referendon. for a recreation complex for the city.
  • Installed a sidewalk on. the south side of East Academy Street from East Elementary School to Kenwood Avenue so school children would have a safe place to walk.
  • Installed sidewalks on South Mountain Street - the first in the Black Conununity.
  • With the help of Gaston County, a new water tank was obtained for Sunbeam Park
  • The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was first given at a City Council meeting.
  • Planted pine seed trees on 68 of the 80 acres owned by the city in Cleveland County.
  • The first Emergency Disaster Plan was set in place.

Accomplishments - 1985

  • Purchased bulletproof vests for city Police Department.
  • Video taping of city council meetings was begun in April.
  • Assigned Mr. Red Fortenberry full-time to Main Street so town could be kept clean.
  • Designed first city flag for Cherryvffle.
  • Secured $5,000.00 from the state to help American Legion with its baseball toumament. (First money ever received from the state)
  • The city purchased an eight and one-half tract of land from Standard Cosa Thatcher for $60,000.00 to be used as a recreational facility.
  • The E911 Emergency Telephone System was adopted.
  • The $358,226.60 bid for the new Mulberry Street Bridge known as the overhead bridge was accepted.

Accomplishments - 1986

  • A pedestrian crossing sign was erected on Main Street.
  • On the newly bought land from Standard Cosa Thatcher, a new pumphouse and concession stand was bufit.
  • The portraits of the present and past mayors were researched and completed by Rita Beam. The portraits are hung in the City Hall.
  • Connected with Lincoln County water system giving Cherryville all the water it would need in case of drought.
  • A county grant of $36,500.00 for extension of water lines out 150 west to Cherry Hill Shopping Center.

Accomplishments - 1987

  • The City Hall on Main Street was given to the city by the estate of Mabel Beam.
  • Together with the "Look up Gaston" foundation 60 crepe myrtle trees were planted on Highway 150 East at the ball park for the beautification of Cherryville.
  • Purchased the ladder truck for Cherryville Fire Department from the City of Lincolnton.
  • Gave $6,000.00 to the Little Theatre for use on the building. (Mayor Beam received this grant from the state.)
  • Purchased a new fire truck from. Emergency One for $179,995.00

Accomplishments - 1991

  • Changed council meeting time from 7:30pm to 7:00pm.
  • All council meetings were video taped, which gave the city a view of citizens and items at the meetings.
  • Voted to evaluate city manager annually.

Accomplishments - 1992

  • Changed weekly garbage pickups from two to one.
  • Presented a proposal for establishment of Cherryville Economic Development Commission.
  • Remodeled and built a new council meeting room at the Community Center on South Jacob Street. Additional improvements were made inside and outside. (These were the first improvements to be made since the building was built in 1975.)
  • Worked with Commissioner Geraldine Conner in getting the county to amend their budget $200,000.00 to give Cherryvifle a full-time Paramedic Unit.

Accomplishments - 1993

  • Annexation of Delview Community
  • Drill Team started by Policeman Jerry Dover.
  • Raised Mayor and Council salaries.
  • Person hired to call citizens when work by the city had not been completed or needed explaining.

Accomplishments - 1994

  • Flags, flowers, lights, sidewalks, and plaques, in the City Cemetery.
  • Purchased trencher, backhoe, and ditchwitch.
  • Made contribution of 5 band uniforms to the Jr./Sr. High School.
  • Purchased REA property of East Church Street making it the new Police Headquarters.
  • Authorized construction of press box and restrooms and Aaron Moss Park, which $7,500.00 grant secured from County along with contributions from Parents Association.
  • Excellent evaluation of our Electrical System, with complete conversion from 4 KV to 12 K-V.
  • Received $7,500.00 grant from Governor's Highway Commission
  • Made a property exchange with Gaston County Schools to secure the Highway 150 Prqject.
  • Renovations to City Hall, such as remodeling building and landscaping front.
  • Pavement of parking lot at the Little League ball field, along with brick planters and landscaping.
  • Received County grant to construction of water interconnect with Lincoln County in the amount of $190,000.00
  • Upgraded Wastetreatment Plant - $125,000.00 for new rotors.
  • Benches and flower pots placed on Main Street.
  • Fountain behind Community Building was repaired (broken approximately 15 years)
  • More vehicles purchased in 1994 for the City than ever before.
  • Dilapidated buildings and houses, torn down around City for beautification.
  • Cleared City property next to Community Building by demolishing old house on the property and clearing it off.
  • Made drug boys, arrests and confiscated vehicles and property.
  • Endorsed the Airpark Study.
  • There was no property tax increase in 1994.
  • City had the largest Christmas Parade in its history.

Accomplishments - 1995

  • Received a $15,000.00 grant for the Historical Society, which made a total of $26,500.00 that the mayor acquired during his tenure.
  • Purchased and remodeled REA property on Highway 150, which was made into a new police department and electrical department.
  • Designed layout, acquired properties, city building artifacts, and ftmds for Heritage Park located on Jacob Street.

Miscellaneous Accomplishments

  • First Mayor's office.
  • Lighted walking track at football field for citizens to exercise.
  • Purchased and designed city pins and cherries to be given and worn by Cherryville citizens.
  • Designed and purchased lighted cherries on front of City Hall.