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Several other interesting pieces of information about Cherryville citizens and military service came to light. They follow:

At least five men in our area gave 20-30 years of military service:

Warren "Hoover" Quinn (1941-75)
Carl E. Webb (1942-68)
David Carol Dellinger (1943-67)
Lester Canipe (1955-75)
Larry Barringer (1960-80)

Three generations of the J. Ben Dellinger family served in three different wars: J. Ben, Sr. in WWI; John Bennett, Jr. in WWII; J. Ben III in Vietnam. Two other sons, Blaine and David Carol were also in WWII.

Carl Webb, "Hoover" Quinn, and David Carol Dellinger served during three different wars: WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

Six sons of the Clayton Carpenter family were in service during WWII: Max, who was killed on Okinawa on Mother's Day of 1945, and Lloyd, Hubert, Fred, Troy, and Colin. A seventh, Harold, was called but not inducted because Senator Clyde R. Hooey said, "That family has done enough".

Five sons of Mr. Clarence Dellinger were in service: Thomas, J. C., and Harold served during WWII; Max and Herman were post WWII.

During the worship service at St. John's Lutheran Church on Sunday, January 31, 1945, John and Sallie Rudisill were informed that their son, Carl, was missing in action after his plane was shot down over Germany. Five days later he was brought through enemy lines by the underground to his base in Italy.