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History of the Cherryville Branch Public Library Gaston-Lincoln Regional Library System


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1936 The Cherryville Woman's Club went before the Board of County Commissioners in Dallas and asked for an appropriation of $100.00 to begin a library in Cherryville. The request was granted.

The library was housed in the Woman's Club house on First Street, next to the high school. Miss Maxine Beam was the first librarian-succeeded by Miss Evelyn Browne.

1940 The library was relocated at Nuway Clubhouse with Mrs. Erskine Carson as librarian.
1941 Woman's Club bought the John J. George house on South Elm Street for their clubhouse. Here a bookmobile station was set up under the direction of Mrs. Davis George.
1946 Woman's Club sold their clubhouse. Bluestocking Book Club adopted the library for a period of several years. They set up shelves in the Princess Beauty Shop on Main Street with the library's small collection supplemented by bookmobile service. High school girls served as part-time librarians after school hours, paid by the book club.
1950 Junior Woman's Club adopted as its project for the year the opening of a public library. It was learned that Cherryville could become a branch of the Gaston County Public Library if a location and a paid librarian could be secured.

A local library board was appointed with Mrs. Emmett Houser as the chairman. Other members of this board were Rev. George Riddle, Mrs. James L. Putnam, Jr., W.B. Rhyne, Grier Beam, Rev. E.S. Elliott, W.T. Robinson, Carlyle Summer and Fenton Larson.

On November 14, 1959. the Cherryville Branch Library officially opened in the McGinnis Building on Oak Street. Miss Nettie Willis, previously librarian of the Phoenix Indian School in Arizona. was hired as the first librarian.

1954 The library moved to the Masonic Building on the corner of Main and South Mulberry Streets. Miss Willis resigned in December to work in the Baptist Home in Winston-Salem. In June of 1955, she was killed in an automobile accident. Mrs. Margaret Ledford succeeded Miss Willis.
1957 County-wide library tax referendum passed.
1959 The new Cherryville Branch of the Gaston County Public Library officially opened February 21, 1959 with Mrs. Margaret Ledford Smith as librarian.
1972 Branch library is expanded. Old house adjacent to library was bought and razed to build addition. Cost of property was $12,000. Local citizens organized fund-raising projects such as bake sales, carnivals, etc., and in less than a year, the note was paid.
1982 Margaret Smith retires as supervisor. Gwendolyn "Teddy" Robinson Kilby is named as supervisor.
1988 A $186,000 renovation was completed in the fall of the year. It involved an overhaul of the building's exterior to create a more energy-efficient structure. A new roof was added and the interior was made completely handicapped-accessible with remodeled rest rooms. New carpeting and revamped lighting systems were also installed. In addition to Teddy Kilby, staff members include Martha Pope and Pat Metcalf.
1993 Gwendolyn "Teddy" Kilby retires. Dianne Navey is named supervisor. Staff members include Martha Pope, full-time and Barbara Farris, part-time.
1994 Circulation system and card catalog are automated with the installation of the Galaxy/OPAC system.
1995 Susan Aderholdt is named supervisor.
1997 Long-time employee Martha Pope retires after 30+ years of service. Sandra Carpenter becomes the new full-time employee.
1998 The Cherryville Branch Library continues to be one of the busiest branches in Gaston County. With an average monthly circulation of over 4600 items, the branch offers books on tape, videocassettes and music cassettes in addition to traditional print materials.

The library provides a weekly pre-school storyhour as well as a very highly-participated-in summer reading program for pre-school through sixth grades.

Cherryville, as a town, is very supportive of its library. There is a strong network of readers who keep the reserve system active.

Access to the Internet in the branch is anticipated before the end of the year.