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Red-Letter Dates in School History


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1881 Special School District established for Cherryville. Classes were held in Henry Summitt's granary building with SS Mauney as teacher earning $25 a month for 4 months.
1892 First permanant school building, a rectangular 2 story building called The Academy, was erected in and across what is now Academy Street. Used until 1915.
1908-09 Cherryville High School meets state requirements for a standard high school.
1915 First brick building was built on first street. All students were sent here and The Academy was phased out.
1919 Building on First Street burned during Christmas holidays and classes were dispersed all over town - in churches, over fire house, store building, etc. until it could be rebuilt.
1925 West Elemetary school, first know as Elementary School #2, was build near site of the old academy.
1929 Modern gymnasium built; named for teacher/principal/superintendant Joe R. Nixon.
1932 School Athletic field was graded and fenced through the support of civic organizations. City's unemployed were given work preparing the field.
1936 Senior High School building was built on East First Street and the 19915 building became and elementary school only.
1938 Segregated John Chavis School graduated it's first students.
1949 Modern Auditorium was built; named for Supt. Foster W. Starnes. Class of '50 first to hold commencement excercises there.
1954 New classrooms added to John Chavis School.
1954-55 New auditorium build adjacent to West elementary with seating capacity of 360. Presently used as Little Theater Building.
1956 East Elementary School building was completed on East Academy Street.grades 1-6 from Elemetary #1 (1915 building) plus 6th grade students from Elementary #2 (West) moved here. 1915 building became junior high.
1961 New cafeteria built on First Street for Jr/Sr High students.
1963 Rudisill stadium was completed as a city-wide project.
1963 Population growth requires addition of four classrooms at East Elementary.
1964 John Chavis School burs. Classes held in Rudisill Chapel and Fairview Baptist Churches and the Rhyne-Houser Club House until building was rebuilt. Graduation exercises were held at Lincoln High School in Bessemer City.
1966 Total integration and reorganization of schools takes place. John Chavis Elementary becomes South Elementary.
1966 New, circular Junior High building was completed on Requa Road and the first brick school (1915) was torn down.
1968 Cherryville School System Consolidated with Gaston County Schools.
1973 West School Closed. Grades 4-6 attend South School; Kindergarten (a new program) - grade 3 attend East School.
1981 Addition completed at site of circulaart Junior High building to include high school. High School buidling on First Street, built in 1936, was closed and later demolished.
1997 Newly remodeled South School becomes a middle school for grades 6 - 8 and reclams name of John Chavis. Grades 9 - 12 occupy all of Requa Road campus.