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Cherryville South Elementary School
(renamed John Chavis Middle School)


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Cherryville South Elementary was formerly John Chavis High School, an all black school, which served the students of western Gaston county. Mr. M. L. Green was the first principal. The school graduated its first students in 1938. At this time, grades one through eleven were housed in one main building. An addition was added in 1954. Mr. James Twitty was principal until 1961.

Mr. Joseph Arnold became principal in 1961. In 1964 the main building burned and classes were held in the two black churches and the Rhyne Houser Recreational Building. The class of 1964 held graduation exercises at Lincoln High School in Bessemer City. The new school was under construction and classes resumed in the fall of 1964. Only two classes graduated from the new John Chavis High School.

Cherryville South Elementary School is located in the southern section of Cherryville. It is located on seven acres of land in a predominately black neighborhood.

During the summer of 1966, the Cherryville School System became fully integrated. John Chavis School then became Cherryville South Elementary School, housing students in grades three and four. Mr. John Beach served as the first principal of Cherryville South School.

In the summer of 1973, Cherryville Schools were re-organized. Cherryville West was phased out and grades five and six were brought to Cherryville South School. Grade three was moved to Cherryville East. Mr. Ben Goforth became principal at that time. He served as principal until his retirement in 1984.

Mr. Bobby Gutherie served as principal from 1984-1987. Mr. George Floyd was principal from 1987-1991. Mr. Lorenzo Taylor is the present principal.