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The History Committee is grateful to Bill Carpenter for his efforts to find the names of those from Cherryville who served in other great military conflicts of the century. The list is extensive and we are indebted to American Legion Post 100, various churches, Raleigh Putnam, and other interested individuals for this information. There may be some repetitions and omissions. We apologize for those and hope everyone will understand that oversights and errors were certainly not intentional.

Confederate Soldiers

A survey of the old City Cemetery at St. John's Lutheran Church revealed the names of six Confederate soldiers from Cherryville. Although out of place time-wise, and perhaps incomplete, we felt their names should be included here.

Michael Carpenter Company B, 28th NC Infantry
J. Oliver Sisk Company E, 6th NC Infantry
James W. Crowder Company - unknown, no information on head stone. UDC grave marker.
John Dellinger Company D, 55th NC Infantry
Robert G. Browne* Company E, 12th Regiment, NC Infantry
Nelson Benedict George Company C, 3rd SC Infantry First Corp., Northern army of VA.

*Robert G. Browne lived to be 99 years old and was at the time of his death, one of the very few remaining Confederate veterans within Gaston County and the State of NC.  Robert served in Company E, 12th Regiment, NC Infantry.  The 12th fought (as part of the Army of Northern Virginia) at the Seven Day's Battle, at Sharpsburg,  Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, the 
Wilderness, and Spotsylvania among others. Robert was  wounded twice at
the Battle of the Wilderness and again on  September 19,1864 at the
Battle of the Winchester but  returned to the Army and was present at
Appomattox. He was  promoted to the rank of sergeant on January 14,

The above names recorded and reported to the Sons of Confederate Veterans (Grave Registration Department) May 13, 1997.

All of the above men are buried at the St. John's Lutheran Cemetery, Cherryville, N.C.

Veterans Below Furnished by the American Legion

C. D. Abernathy Lawrence George, Jr.
Lee Absher Ben Goforth
Dr. Marshall Agner Joseph Goldwaite
Dick Alexander Arnold Greene
Bill Allen Bill Griffin
W. J. Allran Forest Guiton
Dr. L. T. Anderson Donald Gurley
James Ange W. O. "Bill" Hale
Bill Anthony John Hallman
J. L. "Fuzz" Armstrong Robert Harrelson
Johnny Auten Robert Hartsfield
Neil Baker Clyde Hayes
William Bame Robert "Toad" Hayes
William Barger Bill Hayes
Berge Beam Basil Heavner
Dayne P. Beam Hugh Heavner
Joel V. Beam John Heavner, Jr.
James L. Beam Ovie Heavner
Kern Beam James Helms
Kenneth Beam Howard Hinkle
Martell Beam Herbert Morrison Hickson, Jr.
Max Beam Byrum Homsley
Ned Beam Don Homsley
Ray H. Beam Raymond Hood
Richard Beam Emmett Houser
Thomas Beam Jack Houser
Glenn Blackwelder Thomas Hovis
C. G. Black Gerald Howell
Vance Sellers Guy Howell
N. B. Boyles Charles Hullender
Everette Blevins Ray Humphries
Robert Boggs C. F. Huss
Troy Carpenter Roy Jarrell
Lloyd Carpenter James G. Jenkins
Hubert Carpenter J. W. Jenkins
Blaine Dellenger Kent Jenkins
John B. Dellinger W. T. Robinson, Jr.
Harold Dellinger Robert Carpenter, Jr.
Stowe Dellinger L. L. Johnson
Collin Carpenter Jack Kale
George D. Beam, Jr. Robert Kiser
Clyde Brown Robert W. Kirby
J. D. Brown Frank Knight
Paul G. Brown Ralph Anthony, Army WWII
James T. Booker Robert Kiser
Eugene Bridges Hillard Lackey
Perry Dean Brown Dwight Alvin Lankford
W. D. Brown, Jr. Ralph Leatherman
Sherman Brown Robert Ledbetter
Johnny K. Caldwaller Robert Lee Leonhardt
Dudley Camp Clyde Lewis
J. R. Campbell B. L. Lindsey
Roosevelt Canipe Keith Lohr
Alfred Carpenter Milton Loy
Thomas Carpenter Clyde Mauney
George Willliam Carpenter Frank Mauney
Fred Carpenter Yates Mauney
Forest Ford John Mauney
W. R. Carswell Kenneth Mayhew
Tommy Carter Paul McCleod
Fred Carter Julius McClure
Dwight Champion Ernest McGinnis
Kenneth Cline George David McGinnis
Donald Hoyle Charles Parker George
Russell Coleman Harry D. George
Jack Cooke Bill George
Charles Cornwell Hilbert "Deed" McGinnis
John M. Costner James McGinnis
Wilbur E. Craft L. L. McGinnis
Clyde Crawley Paul McGinnis
Hurley Crocker Walter Smith, Jr.
Paul Crocker John R. Smith
Howard Davis Robert Charles Smith
Vance Davis A. B. Moss
Jack Donald Davis Raymond Mooney
L. J. Davis Paul Mitchem
Robert "Bob" Davis John C. Wilson
C. J. Dellinger Charles Victor Wiseman, Jr.
E. E. Dellinger Lee Wise
Max Dellinger N. A. Wright
M. J. Dellinger Art Millwood
Mark Dixon Henry Michael
L. B. Dixon Tommy McNeely
Dave Eaker W. C. McGinnis
James Everette Ellington R. T. McGinnis
Robert "Bob" Faires Ben Rudisill
Martell Farnworth Norman McCoy Young
Martel Sigmon Clyde Ledford
Harold Sigmon John Witherspoon
Ronald Ferguson Lewis Belton Doggett (Capt. US Air Corp)
Paul Fisher Hoke Shuford
Bill Fitzhugh Howell W. Stroup (Capt. US Air Corp)
Bill Flowers Rev. John Paul Rimmer
Lander C. Ford Lt. Friel Quinn, US Army WWII
John L. Fraley Wilbur Canipe, US Army WWII
Jim Fronerberger, Jr. J. B. Knight, US Army WWII
Wayne Fronerberger Hubert Canipe, US Navy WWII
Kenneth Gardo Charles William George
Ronald Garris Darrell Gates
James A. McGinnis Robert Eaker
Donald Porter H. Ronald Golden
Paul C. Roberts S. Perry Holleman
James Lewis Carl David Hord
Press Lingerfelt, Jr. Cecil Ross Jenkins, Sr.
Wilburn W. Craft Gary Wayne Mason
T. C. Rodgers Dr. Theodore C. Paige, Sr.
Earl E. Smith Larry J. Patterson
C. G. McGinnis Donald Jerry Porter
W. C. Murray James W. Porter
Max G. Beam Tony Sabettie
John Mosteller, Jr. Bill Nail
Leon Sneed Carl Webb
Wonnie Webb Lewis Kiser
Joe Billy Putnam Jack Whitworth
Reeves Black J. C. Dellinger
Joseph Elmore Lester Canipe
Ted Stover Dexter Moser
Pete Mull Bill Lowe
Lanny Ballard Anthony Borja
Ralph Lineberger Jennifer Borja
Terry Black Jim Kempfer
Gary Stillwell J. C. Dellinger
Raleigh J. Putnam Thomas Dellinger
James Putnam Herman Dellinger
Fran Goins Don Millwood
Mary Katherine Lohr Strantz Richard Newton
Elizabeth Ann Lohr McFarland Murl Seagle, Jr.
Andrew West Kermit Beam
Ben Stroup William S. Beam
Donald Warlick Darrell Gates
Guy R. Beam, Jr. Gil Lohr
Tom C. Beam Morris McGinnis
Christine Mauney Cadwallder Gene Brooks
Alfred Dellinger Doug Miles
Carl Eaker Norman Warlick
Hoke Quickel Lee Quickel
Burlin Stroup Carl B. Rudisill
Cline West Dean Jenks
Harold Froneberger Ernest S. Sellers
Walter L. Pope Howard D. Jones
Earl Parker Olin L. Bumgarner (Captain USMC)
Bob Shull Henry Harbinson
Joe VanDyke Joe Putnam  US Navy WWII
Raleigh Putnam George Hovis    US Army WWII
Alfred L. Brooks Robert B. Brooks
W B Putnam Jr. Hugh D. Putnam
Joe B. Putnam Warren G. "Hoover" Quinn           US Navy Master Chief Petty Officer

These Men Were Killed In Battle

World War I
  • Dorus D. Beam
  • Guyser Canipe
  • John O. Homesley
  • Alfonso Mauney
  • Clarence L. Waters
  • Phillip S. Hullett

World War  II

  • Clinton Adams
  • David A. Baxter
  • Francis W. Baxter
  • John H. Brown
  • Fred Beal
  • J. C. Bridges
  • Max David Carpenter
  • D. Alfred Dellinger
  • A. C. Dedmon
  • Robert T. Franklin
  • James Humphries
  • Bain Leonhardt
  • Ray Moss
  • Ben Summer
  • Roy Lee Van Dyke
  • Howard M. Barnett
Korean War
  • Marvin Costner
  • Jessie L. Jarrett
  • Jery McCloud
  • James Dean Pope
  • Ralph Stove


  • Bobby Dean Anthony
  • Larry K. Heavner
  • Larry D. Sain
  • Franklin E. Wright
  • Carl Owens
  • Fred Thrift


Carl Webb, "Hoover" Quinn, and David Carol Dellinger served during three different wars: WWII, Korea, and Vietnam

We pay special tribute to those who gave their lives in the service of their country. Thirty-five of Cherryville's fine young men, involved in four different wars, paid the ultimate price to preserve our freedom. We owe a monumental debt of gratitude to them and their families for their courage, dedication, and sacrifice.

As Mr. Robinson has said, it is spirit such as they displayed that has helped to make Cherryville a "great little city".

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