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Rudisill Reunion - July 12, 1998

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In the background is Bill Rhyne, Jr. grandson of the late Nella Rudisill Rhyne, Robert Rudisill and Frank Rudisill.
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Frank Rudisill and Edwina Rudisill Beam
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Ashley Rudisill
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Anne Louise Rhyne daughter of Al Rhyne, III
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Steve Jones with Mother Barbara Rudisill Jones and Marcus Misenheimer, Son of Martha Rudisill Misenheimer and grandson of the late John Rudisill, Jr.
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Heidi Rhyne, wife of Bill Rhyne, Jr., with Garrett, on of her twins
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Click Dellinger, husband of Alice Rudisill Dellinger; Kelly Homesly; Steve Jones
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June Rhyne, wife of Al Rhyne, III, holding daughter Anne. Chris Rhyne sone of Joe Rhyne; and Al Rhyne IV
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Family gathered around the picnic table
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Edwina Rudisill Beam with husband Jim Beam
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Deana Jones, daughter of Mike and Barbara Rudisill Jones
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Barbara Rudisill wife of the late Edwin Rudisilll; Martha Rudisill, wife of the late John Rudisill, Jr.; Barbara F. Rudisill, wife of John Rudisill, III; and Robert Rudisill.
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Sheila Rudisill holding granddaughter Ashley Bowen
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Steve Jones and Click Dellinger
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Alice Rudisill Dellinger with grandson Jess Harrill
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Johnny Harrill; Kelly Homesley; Edwina Rudisill Beam; Kim Dellinger Harrill fromt he back; and Jim Wells, grandson of Ava Rudisill Stockman.