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Rudisill Reunion - July 12, 1998

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Ashley Rudisill, Kathy Rudisill Bowen holder daughter Ashley while grandmother Sheila Rudisill looks on, and Katie Beam
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Kim Dellinger and Susan Rhyne (wife of Bill Rhyne)
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Susan Rhyne, Carl Rudisill, Jr.; Frank Rudisill, Leonard Rhyne Jr.
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Bill Rhyne with daughter Sally Rhyne Davis; Becky Rhyne (wife of Leonard Rhyne, Jr. is in the background); Martha Rudisill, Joe Rhyne with daughter Kathryn
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Moriah Rhyne (daughter of Jim Rhyne); Kathryn Rhyne (daughter of Joe Rhyne) Bill Rhyne, Jr; Susan Rhyne
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Kathryn Rhyne
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Cheryl Rudisill, Edwina Rudisill Beam, Wayne and Kathey Bowen
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Rober Rudisill, Cheryl Rudisill
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Martha Rudisill, Bill Rhyne
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Dot Bumgarner (wife of John Rudisill Bumgarner), Frances Rudisill (wife of Dick Rudisill), Becky Rhyne with granddaughter Moriah Rhyne, Susan Rhyne
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Have you ever seen so much good food? Dig in!!
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Tami Rhyne (wife of Jim Rhyne), Heidi Rhyne (wife of Bill Rhyne, Jr.), Kathryn Rhyne
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Elizabeth Rudisill with grandmother Frances Rudisill, Becky Rhyne with granddaughter Moriah Rhyne
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Tami Rhyne with daughter Morgan, Chris Rhyne and Kathryn Rhyne (children of Joe Rhyne)
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Joe Rhyne and Frank Rudisill
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Alice Rudisill Dellinger, Chelsea Rudisill, Katie Beam, and Ashley Rudisill