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Rudisill Reunion - July 12, 1998

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Moriah Rhyne, Becky Rhyne, & Lavinia Rudisill Burris
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Dick Rudisill & Edwina Beam
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Robert Rudisill, Barbara F. Rudisill, John Bumgarner
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Sheldon Rudisill
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Becky Rhyne, Moriah Rhyne, & Ava Rudisill Stockman
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Bill Rhyne
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"Time to Play!"
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Sarah Rhyne with mother Heidi
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Sarah Rhyne with grandmother Susan Rhyne
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Kathy, Ashley, and Wayne Bowen
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Wendall and Sally Rhyne Davis, Moriah Rhyne, & Heidi Rhyne
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Lavinia Rudisill Burris
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Barbara, Deana, & Steve Jones
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Katie Beam, Ashley Rudisill, Jim Beam
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Chelsea Rudisill
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Katie Beam, Ashley Rudisill, Jim Beam