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City Service Information

We're pleased to serve you with electric, water, garbage and sewer service. This will give you a brief overview of our electric service. As a municipally owned utility system, we are dedicated to giving you responsive and neighborly service because we live here, too.

If after reading this guide, you have further questions about our services, please call us at 435-1700 or visit us at 116 S. Mtn. St. between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. We are available to assist you in any way possible.

The city will provide you with a free green container called a "hobo". Garbage will be emptied from your curbside once a week. Check with us at City Hall for the exact day of your pickup. For a more detailed copy of garbage pickup, leaves, grass clippings, appliances, etc., just ask and we'll be glad to supply you.

The City of Cherryville is a public power community. As such, Cherryville generates revenue from electric sales. These revenues help the city provide many community services and improved facilities for its residents. Because the utility is locally controlled, you have a voice in the activities of the electric system. Customers can speak out on utility issues at municipal council meetings. Public power systems are service-oriented and non-profit. The "stockholders" of our utility are the citizens of our community. We are your Hometown Connection.

How To Start Service
We are dedicated to delivering extraordinary service to our community. When you move to our city, we would like to meet you and explain our service options. Please call or come by the utilities office during normal business hours. At that time we request that you complete an application for service,, which will include your address, the date you'd like service to begin, your social security number and some form of photo identification,, such as a driver's license.

As a non-profit utility, the city is charged with the responsibility of prudent management of the city's finances. Therefore,, we collect a deposit for utility services as security that all bills will be paid in full by their due date. We realize that most customers pay their bills in full and on time,- however we seek to protect the good paying customers from the detriment of uncollectible accounts by other customers. You may not have to pay a deposit if you own your home.

How to End Service
When you decide to leave your present location, please call us a few days before you plan to move. We'll need to read your meter a final time and get a forwarding address to send your final bill. If you're transferring service to another location served by Municipal utilities, the remaining amount you owe at your present location will be transferred to the new account, under most circumstances.

Customers Rights
A customer has a right to request his deposit he refunded if he discontinues service from the City of Cherryville.

If a customer is notified of an impending disconnection for nonpayment, the city will make all reasonable efforts to work out payment arrangements prior to disconnection, according to an agreement with the city’s representatives.

A customer has a right to request, free of charge, historic billing and usage information.

A customer has a right to a review of any complaint according to the City's grievance procedure.

Service Options
Because we are here to serve you, the city offers several options:

Ask us for more information about these special programs.

Billing and Payment
Each month you will receive a bill which will detail your utility usage and the amount due to the city. The bill also will include all applicable taxes. Bills are past due if not paid by the due date on the bill. Also on the bill are the phone number and address of the city. If you have a question about your bill, please call us. You may pay your bill by mail or bring it to the city utility office.

We do not want a situation to arise that would disrupt your utility service. It is always more favorable to contact a Municipal utility employee prior to disconnection rather that to make arrangements after service is involuntarily interrupted. Payment options may be available prior to disconnection which will save the customer from additional higher deposit amounts and additional fees.

How Rates Are Set
The city's rates are set by its local governing body and are designed to be fair and nondiscriminatory. Setting rates locally offers rate regulation that is responsive to the customers of our system. We can provide you with a rate schedule at your request.

New and potential business customers are encouraged to provide the city utility department with the load characteristics of their facility. The city may require special conditions and contracts for electric service based upon necessary investment in special equipment.

About Your Meter
We read your meters each month to measure the amount of each service you use. Your meters will be read by city utility employees, according to the city's schedule. Reading dates will vary slightly from month-to-month due to weekends, holidays, weather conditions and other factors. It is important that the meter reader have access to your meter to get an accurate reading. Should you suspect there is a problem with your electric meter, the city will test the meter free of charge, once in a twelve-month period. If the meter test shows the meter to be inaccurate,, adjustments may be made. Please remember that tampering with a meter can be dangerous and is illegal. Call us if you have a metering concern.

Saftey Around Electricity
Please remember that our utility has both underground and overhead electric lines. The equipment related to electrical transmission may be damaged by humans, animals or the weather. If you see unsafe electric equipment, please notify the city immediately. Stay away from downed power lines, and exercise caution when working with ladders or antennae near power lines.

Our tree trimming program is designed to help maintain the reliability of our electric system. Trees that grow into power lines can cause power outages and may be a safety hazard.

In the event of an emergency or outage, please call 435-1700 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or 435-1707 after hours.

Conservation Tips

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