September 11th

No matter how bad you want to forget it, you will always remember where you were on that day. You will always remember that day asking yourself "Please god, is this over yet?". You will always remember seeing 2, 110 story buildings crash to the ground knowing thousands were on the inside including rescuers.

I like many others, was scared. I like many others, was glued to CNN for hours. I like many others, cried for the first time in a while on that day. I like many others, still cry when we hear another story about that day.

I can not imagine tring to make a choice to either burn to death or to jump from 60 or 70 stories up and go out my way. I can not image being in plane knowing I am fixen to crash into the Pentagon and there is nothing I can do about it. I can not imagine addressing the United States as the President and assuring them everything is going to be all right.

To the families, friends, and victims of this cowardly attack. I am truly sorry for your loss, because your loss is my loss and america's loss, and my heart goes out to each and everyone of you. May god be with you.

To the President of the United States, Mr.George Bush, thank you for your leadership and strenth through all of this. You stood up in our time of sorrow and you lead the way like a president never has before.

To Mr.Giuliani, the icon of true leadership. You stepped up and you spent many days and nights without rest to just assure the people of New York and the world that we can overcome this, TOGETHER. A role model to all mayors and government officials. Thank you.

And don't forget everyone, when you leave for work tommorow, take time to tell this special someone just how much you love them. It may be the last chance you get.